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About Plagiarism Checker

Free Word Counter Tool For Meaningful Content

Our Word Counter Tool is a quick and free tool that helps in counting the number of words, letters, paragraphs, and sentences in a text. It is an easy-to-use tool that provides accurate statistics for the text that is entered in the input box.

How to use the Word Counter Tool?

Using our Word Counter Tool is extremely simple. Just copy and paste the text in the input box, and the tool will provide you with the word count, letter count, paragraph count, and sentence count. The best part is that there is no limit to the number of words or characters that can be counted.

Importance of Word Counter Character Tool:

Word count is an essential metric for writing, especially in advertising, publishing, legal proceedings, and academia. Our Word Counter Character Tool helps in determining the number of words present in the text, and whether it meets the required word count limit. It is particularly helpful in platforms that have word count limits, such as Google AdWords and Facebook banner ads.

Accurately Measure Word Count and Other Metrics with Our Tool

With our Word Counter Tool, you can easily determine the word count for your text, and ensure that it meets the required word count limit. It helps in making your writing more effective and efficient. 

Optimizing Social Media Content with our Word Count Tool:

Our free Word Counter Tool is also helpful in determining the number of characters in your text, which is particularly useful for social media sites, website headlines, Google Ads, apps, and even Google meta descriptions. It provides you with accurate statistics that can help in making your social media content more effective.

Maintaining a certain word count length is crucial, whether you're creating a blog, website, corporate document, or e-book. Many platforms have specific limits on the number of words or letters that can be used, such as Google AdWords search ads or Facebook banner ads.

Various character limits that our word counter online tool follows:

  • Twitter – Up to 280 characters. Previously it was 140 characters.
  • Facebook – Posts cannot exceed 63,206 characters, while comments have a maximum limit of 8,000 characters.
  • Instagram - Limited to 30 hashtags and 2,200 characters for captions.
  • LinkedIn – Headline text is limited to 120 characters, summary section is 2,000 words, and the title is 100 characters.

Free Word Count Tool for Creating High-Quality Content

Using our Word Counter Tool can help in writing more standard and worthy content. It ensures that the text meets the required word count and character limit, and helps in making the writing more impactful. Contact us to know more about our free Word Counter Tool.

Our SEO Smo Hub tool is available in multiple languages, including Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. Try it now for accurate and comprehensive Word Counter Tool in your preferred language.

  1. Word Counter Tool Arabic
  2. Word Counter Tool French
  3. Word Counter Tool German
  4. Word Counter Tool Italian
  5. Word Counter Tool Portuguese
  6. Word Counter Tool Spanish

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